WWW stands for Wiley Walruses Worldwide, right?


Yesterday I did not have a website.  Today I do.  Yesterday, it didn’t seem likely that it I would have a website any time soon.  Today, after years and years of failed attempts at both doing my own web design, and trying to work with others to get it done, I have an amazingly stylish, elegant, and best of all, functional website .

Even more exciting (to me), is after spending an entire day working at it, I am actually able to make small changes to my website on my own!  I am even setting up pages for when I am ready to add new products in the near future, based on the code already written for the website.  It’s incredibly nice to not be so reliant on others for each and every one of my web needs for a change!  Now I have an excellent site to start with, thanks to Theresa Ford, the author of Lawful Good Thief http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006T4NSHI
Without her help, the www.Sironalabs.com website would not have been possible.  I am  to be doing a trio of perfumes to support her book!  VERY exciting times, indeed!


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