Stars, stars, stars!

I found the perfect star bottles.  5 pointed stars.  They couldn’t be more perfect. They are exactly what I have been looking for.  I couldn’t be happier with them!  It always makes me so happy when everything falls into place.  Aren’t they pretty?


Veronica Rose FundraiserI was excited to have found them!  I received my first dozen, and  I was so delighted with them, I immediately ordered a gross more!  I gladly paid my money, and awaited my shipment, so that I could fill my outstanding orders.  Luckily I give myself 2-3 weeks lead time before customers should expect to receive my items.  They frequently receive their goods much sooner, but I like to reserve time JUST IN CASE the unthinkable happens.  Like this…

The phone rang at about 4pm yesterday afternoon.  It was the supplier of the star bottles, informing me that my treasure had dried up.  They did not have even the gross of promised star bottles in stock, and would not be getting anymore in, ‘would I perhaps care for a clover shaped bottle?’  Would I care for a clover shaped bottle?  NO I WOULD NOT CARE FOR A CLOVER SHAPED BOTTLE, SIR!  Good day to you!  That’s what I’d have LIKED to have said, but instead I agreed to take the last of their star bottle inventory, 60 in total, and the rest would be clovers.

This morning, I found a NEW supplier of star bottles, who also will not be getting anymore in after they are gone, but has many cases of star bottles in stock, and they assure me they are not a very popular item, so they do not anticipate the bottles selling out on me any time soon.  The Stars will be around a while longer!

On the bright side, it’s not a total loss with the clover/star bottles.  The supplier agreed to refund my purchase price if I returned them.  Can’t argue with that.

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One Response to Stars, stars, stars!

  1. vinny v says:

    the star bottles are great! the clover bottles are cool too for the coming spring!

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