Philanthropy and Perfumery 2 great things that are great together!

After a long health based absence, Sirona Labs is back and better than ever!  Something happens to you when your body fails you.  You can see past yourself much clearer, if you’re lucky.  I’ve come out of the other end of my ordeal with a mission and a clear vision of how to get there.  Introducing the Perfume Fundraisers!

Though the idea only came on New Year’s Eve, 2011, the tempest had been brewing in the teapot for quite some time.  My friends, Matt and Melanie Capobianco were ordered by a judge in South Carolina to surrender custody of their precious, adopted daughter, Veronica Rose to her biological father, a man whom she’d never met before.

I was beside myself.  As a mother, I couldn’t imagine having my child ripped from my arms, shoved in a pick-up truck with utter strangers and taken off to ‘her new life’.  Maybe because they happen to be longtime friends of mine, so it felt closer than just a typical sad news story, I became obsessed with their story.  How could I possibly help them, what could I do?

I meditated on it, daydreamed, and it became painfully obvious.  A custom  perfume.  It’s unique, it’s fitting, and it’s something that I have a talent for. I ran the idea past the family, and with their blessing, I started working on her namesake perfume, Veronica Rose.

Using her name, “Rose” as a starting point, this delightful confection of a fragrance honors Veronica’s Aztec/Mexican Heritage with elements of vanilla, and her Native American heritage with sweet grass, cedar, and sage. One of Veronica’s favorite things is cake, so there are elements of birthday cake to this fragrance as well; Tart fruits, complex herbal and botanical bouquets, and a soft downy finish round out this soft, playful, feminine scent.

If you aren’t familiar with the case, here is some background information for you.   You might have heard on the news (local South Carolina news outlets as well as CNN coverage and expanding daily) that on New Year’s Eve, 2011, little 2 year old Veronica Rose was taken from her loving, adoptive family by court order, and handed over to her biological father, a man whom she’s never met.

This child’s civil rights are being roundly abused in favor of a law designed to protect Native American children from falling into the foster care system, something that Veronica Rose was never at risk of, as the beloved adopted child of the Capobiancos. The very author of the ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act, the law the biological father, who is enrolled in the Cherokee Nation invoked to retain custody of Veronica Rose) said this particular case was a tragedy.

The Capobiancos are appealing the court’s decision, but this is going to be a long and expensive process.  This is why the sudden and drastic change in my approach.  I saw a way to help pay for the legal expenses.  Don’t worry, Sirona body products are still available, but now there will be fundraiser perfumes featured alongside of Sirona’s core original products.

Don’t forget to read and sign the petition for Veronica Rose located here:

If you would like to do a perfume fund raiser for your organization/club/team/school or cause, please send email to and we’ll talk!

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